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Translated article – on Vedanta’s foreign explanation 

About the study of Vedanta, I have compiled the following for the students of Sadhna like Professor Dr. Paul Daisen.
Most ancient philosophies in modern India have only historical glory. It is rarely seen in the right balance; Just like justice is done to express intellectual practices and techniques such as grammar and mathematics. But Vedanta still possesses the mind of every thoughtful Hindu mind alive. Although different modifications have been introduced by Ramanuja, Madhava, and Ballav, in the name of a distinguished, dual and pure Vedanta philosophy, it may be said that among the Vedanticists, the twelve-Anna part is a follower of Shankaracharya.
According to Professor Mahesh, this is a great comfort in the great misery of poor India. Because the glory of the eternal subjects is more than the subject; And the genius of Shankaracharya is one of the most precious objects of human genius that has invented the truth in the world; It is comparable to the works of plato and cunt.
Shankar adopted the Upanishad as a constant proof. Therefore, it is not easy to create a synchronized philosophical form from a combination of opposing opinions of the Upanishads. In the places of the Upanishads, Brahma has been dyed in a variety of ways, and it has been described as ineffective and inaccessible to the mind-anywhere Brahma created the world, its long story can be recited, and it is also said that except Maya and Brahma all else. There is a different imagination of the soul or the movement of souls, but nowhere else it is said that the soul is the only one.
Shankar has come out of the way through all these verses. He has composed two texts from all the words of the Upanishads – a mere mystic philosopher, who is called esoteric in English, who has never said Saguna Vidya or spiritual status; In it there is the theory of knowledge which is the concept of a small number of people all over the world and in all times. The second is the general theology, Shankar has taught it to be learned, practically speaking; It is not for people, who do not want the truth as it seeks, worshiping and meditating!
Professor Sir, these two, showing exotic and aotariac-practical and physical education in four main parts.
First. Brahmtology Theology
Second. Cosmology
Third. Psychology Psychology
Fourth. Atheism Eschatology
1. Brahmtology
In the Upanishad, the descriptions of Brahma are described in different contradictions. He is the omnipotent sky, He is the sun god, He is the eyelid male; Dulok is his head, moon eye is his eye, his breath breathes, earth is his footprint; He is a Jagdatma

Mahatomihianas and living souls; He is specially God, punisher of sinful humanity.
Shankar has collected all these descriptions in his scientific knowledge. Not by knowledge, all these disciplines are useful to be closer to the truth by devotion, and each of them has special effects. Professor Mahasaya says that it must be noted that Brahma is a God who is also involved in the study of Saguna, also for general, that does not reveal the true theory of Paramatma; In fact, when considering what is said in the statement, how narrow is its limit, how close to pride it is, with respect to the Brahma, who would want to impair the quality of him?
The complete distinction of the absoluteness of the soul with this subtle teaching. This is the main source of Brahma’s human nature.
Including as many bacos, including inaccessible Manasa.
Unintentional business is not easy.
Freshly, the large-scale Upanishads- That is, no matter how hard you try to know Brahma and apply the words to describe him, it is not, it is not, it is not. Therefore, when King Baskhali asked Brahma, Brahma, the Brahma, he remained silent only. When the king again asked again, he said, “I said, but you did not understand Shanohamatma, Paramatma calm down We have now learned the teachings of Kant that we can not know the nature of our mind in such a way that we can understand the past existence of time and causality. Although he is not unacquainted with us, he is not far away from us, because he is completely completely as our soul. And when we come out of this world, from the outside world, we enter the deepest cave of the heart and come to Brahma, without any knowledge by the knowledge, By your assimilation [1] Knowledge and understanding are different, that knowledge is divided between both knowledgeable and knowledgeable, but both of them are mixed together. With the feeling, I have called Shankara ‘Sampradhan’ to get the idea of ​​Brahma.

2. Theology
Jagogata also has two categories, practical and spiritual.
Shankaracharya got rid of this conflict with beautiful tactics. He is the only once, and is being produced by the fusion of Brahman paiteche until eternity. We can not say the creation of an original creation. Because, then, the question will arise why Brahma was created? To promote his own glory? So proud

[1] must be here, in the sense of knowledge of the English translation have yasasanranadhaphanasabda. Translator


It is not relevant to impose on him. For his own game? But he has lived without this play for eternity. Love for life? But how will it be possible to love him before the creation of the universe, and by creating numerous lifespan and immersing in eternal suffering, what can be seen in the signs of love? The practical Vedanta tried to answer these questions by showing a moral necessity of repetition.
Shankar said like human plants. After a little increase and finally death is attained. But do not die completely. As the seedlings leave the seed before the dying and the seed produces new seedlings according to its own quality, so the man leaves his work at the time of his death, which is carried out in penury after being germinated. No birth is the first because it is the result of the previous action, and not the end because its actions will be effective in the next birth. Therefore, the family is eternally eternal, and after the fury, the world is reorganized according to religion.
Professor Maheshaya said, though this scripture is not full of Scripture, it is not true, but it is an imaginary picture of truth. Because, we can not accept the truth by intelligence. Why do you think this is a repetition-birth imagery? No, which is truly past the time of the world, therefore, the ignorance of our intellect is being poured out in the time of the world. As far as the good knowledge of science is far from the truth, this world is far from the truth. That is, there is infinite truth in it, but it is only a metaphor of the truth, since the concept of truth can not be conceived in man-made human beings. The practical Vedanta is engaged in this metaphor and in search of pure truths of theological Vedanta.
Theological is saying, that which we call the world, it is derived from the heart, and when it comes, it is confiscated. There is nothing else but brahmavitita. The fact that the world is enlightened is not known by the argument. When entering the self, and feeling the purestness of the country, apart from it all else is realized in dreams.
Indian minded people went on this way and Greek philosopher Plato, he also came to the truth, he also said that the world is staying in the shadows and the truth behind it. Both Plato and Vedantic have astonishing unity, but both of them have not been able to prove their views only by self-determination. At this place, Jarman Pandit Kant has fulfilled the lack of Greek and Indian philosophy. Kant left his path to Vedantic and Platonic ascendancy and established himself with pure logic and scientific evidence. After analyzing the human being, the cunt showed that the three basic elements of the outer world, the country, the time and the causality, are not actually the eternal eternal foundations of externalities, It is our only intellectual mold. It is not beyond that we remember that it has proved the cunt and its chief disciple Schopenhauer clearly. Therefore, we see this world spreading in the country, flowing and controlling causality. According to them, it is only my mind’s work. Shankar said, Jagat Maya; Plato says the world shade; Kant said, the world is not the only true substance of our mind. It has appeared in three different provinces of the world, but its scientific evidence is only in cunt-philosophy.

3. Spiritualism
Everything is Maya, not only can my soul be illuminated. Shankaracharya showed you but you do not have to accept it even if you do not accept it. Now the question is, what is the relation between the soul and soul in the soul. Shankar, like his next Ramanuja, Madhava and Ballal, has been refuting from earlier. The organism can not be part of Brahma because Brahma is non-partisan (part is the term, the period of time, not the provision of the country). Jivatma can not be independent from Brahma, because we realize that through experience we realize that Brahma is the second and the second The organism can not be cured of Brahma. Because, Brahma has been proven (also confirmed by Kant that the past of Brahmana causality). The decision is that the organism is not part of Brahma, neither is it independent of Brahma, but also of Brahma’s bickering – but its own self-realization is Paramatma. In this judgment, Vedanti Shankar, Plato-philosopher Plotinose and cunt-philosopher Schopenhauer have gained unity. Shankar has progressed far beyond the other two philosophers. He says that if my soul is Brahma itself, then I have all the capacities, totality and all-powerfulness. (That is, I am an aberration of time and place of causation.) Shankar says, like fire is hidden in the wood, so also all these forces are covered in me, after release it becomes manifest.
Why is it latent?
Shankar said, the title is all due to him.
What is the title? No, the mind and the senses, the soul and its five branches, and the fine body. It is born from birth and it covers the soul.
Where did the title come from? From Maya Again, the origin of the Maya is from Avidya. But this is the root cause of our unconsciousness, sin and sorrow, what is the reason? India and Greece did not respond well. Kant said, you are asking for the reason of ignorance? There is no reason to be ignorant. Since the end of the causality within the world is not governed by the rule of causality – therefore the reason for the discovery of absence is in vain. It is enough to know that we have our freedom from this sad sin.

4. Paralysis
Now, let’s say briefly about the way to freedom from the world.
Ancient Vedas of Vedas are first about heaven and later hell, but sahasarabad means that rebirth is never seen anywhere.
Vedanta has mixed with both ecosystems and regeneration. According to Vedanta, after receiving the fatherhood, the pious people gradually went to Chandrallo, where they were reaping the fruit of their good deeds, and they were born again in the city. Those who worship the Brahma of Brahma, who go to Devnhans Marg, go to Brahmarl, repeat the earth, and they do not have to repeat. But the Brahm that they receive is the same Brahma and the worshipers of this Brahma Brahma do not accept the reincarnation, but they have to wait for salvation by achieving the Absolute Self, the absolute Brahma. Apart from this Hell has been described as the torment of sin for the sinners and the following. [2]
But this world and the world are only for those who are obsessed by ignorance. Not for those who have crossed over;
The world and the world are not true in the Vedantic world, the truth is Brahma, which is available in our soul. It is not that I am Brahma, through the knowledge that salvation is not attained, this knowledge is moksha.
In the heart of the heart, all doubt in heart
After all, the ecosystem is on top of the ecosystem.
According to him, the best and the worst in all of the hrdayagranthi is cut off, and all actions sarbasansaya decay has been removed.
Surely a man can not live without action, neither he is alive nor alive.
Professor Sir said, people are blaming Vedanta for being unconstitutional in religion. In fact, India is more favorable towards meditation than nature action. However, in his opinion, the highest and most pure religion has evolved from Vedanta. Neighbors love you as you believe in the Bible, the highest religion-and the word is also true. But when I feel happy and sad in my own neighborhood, why do I love my neighbor or myself? There is no answer in the Bible, but in the words of Vedas it has the answer- Tattmasi-you too. Ved said that you intentionally know you as a neighbor, but you are one. Bhagavadgita says – He who sees all of you, he does not hate you, he does not hate you. That is the essence of all religions and this is the establishment of the Brahmajani. He does not pray for anything because you know everything; He does not harm anyone because he understands everything, but he is not impressed by the Maya being surrounded by the world. Finally, when death comes, there is no longer a family on it. Nothing tangible in life. He is Brahma and Brahma Apyoti. He entered Brahma Samudra as river.

As the name of the
novel: Sondamana: Asstang Ghechanti, as the name of the sea, the name of Namdhadvik
Parapatapanga malemupuyoti dibyam.
It is not like the interconnected waters in the eternal seas; It was like removing endless sea ice-storms, returning to its all-round nirvana and omnipotence, the fact that it has always existed and has not been eliminated in any case.

[2] Shankaracharya says – Why is unconsciously unconscious? Nappy binary Ignorance What is unconscious? No one is from Uncertainty is uncertain.-Translators

The profound description of Professor Daisen Vedanta has been explained above.
We often surrender to other mysteries to get rid of a mystery.
Daisen has sincerely demonstrated that the creation of Brahma by the infallible and imaginable of Brahma and the Ziva Divine Party is against humanity. That can not be denied. But when trying to break the mystery, when Vedanta says that there is no world and the distinction between Brahma and Jibya appears, then there is no clear answer to that simple question in the mind of man that arises.
The question Where’s the illusion?
Answer: Organisms
This is not called a settlement. Because, the creatures can not be made alive.
Shankar says, because of the gross fine and because of the implantation of the title of the body, the soul is different from Brahma. But where is this body consolidation? Body: Why is Bhabti?
Shankaracharya raises this question and answers it.
Action By action the body is supplementing.
Work or why the idea of ​​fame? What is the work or by what?
Angry Anger
Ragadi: Why the Bhatatriya cheetat? What is the ragadi?
Acceptance Huff out
Hmmm? What is the huff for?
Undoubtedly Being ignorant
Abbecca: Why the Bhabatitra tactic? What is an inexhaustible key?
Unknowingly From senseless
Why ignorant consciousness? By whom is unconsciousness?
Nappy binary Ignorant Not by anyone. Unconscious unconscious
Now it is seen that due to cognitive impairment of biology, ignorance, ignorance
We can not think of what we understand as an independent entity; It’s up to anyone. If the unconsciousness is Brahma, Brahma can not be called Niranjan. If it is to accept its unique existence, then it is believed that Brahman and unconsciousness exist. But that only stands out as one of the words. That is, the separate existence of Brahman and non-Brahman is accepted in different names. Brahmano is also an inexpressible and unconscious ineffable, but Brahman is not unconscious and unconscious Brahma is not. If it is easy to admit it, it is also easy to accept biology and Brahma, the world and God, in different ways.
All the paradigms of worldly life in the Vedantasastra are all dualistic. Freedom in Shukti At least three of these delusions

The substance is essential – the scent and pearl and the wrong person. Such is the attitude of the murtis We can not imagine that the illusion that which can be misled, which can be misled, and which of the delusion can be possible without any of these three!
By contrast, Dawson said that the comparison of the comparison with the comparison of the essay of his essay is expressed in the context. The original language should be interpreted.
It is not the falling of the drop in the infinite ocean, it is the whole ocean, from its freezing state to returning from its frozen state to that what it is really and has never ceased to be, to its own all- Pervading, eternal, almighty nature
In fact, it means that it can not be said that the river is falling on the sea, because, it is acknowledged; It can not be said that the solid sea melting is found in the normal form, because then, the reaction of nature is acknowledged – it is said that whatever the ocean is in, it remains. But money is not available in it, because earlier it was said that when he was dead, what happened to him-he would fall in the sea like a river or he would get normal status in summer, like the hardened sea? It is, then, that it was said that the death of the living bearer was not a living organism and he had not even died. But, from where did he say that he was a creature? From the illusion Who’s the illusion? If Brahma is a delusion, then his curse has come in the right way. The answer is an illusion, but no one is delusional! He is an illusion, he is unconditional!
It is to be acknowledged that even if the dualism can be adopted, it is necessary to rotate within such a sphere when it becomes clear in the horizon. But when any advocate of dualism opposes the argument itself, then he can not even remain apologetic. I feel that there is a combination of dual and adrift in the main province of the spiritual realm, which is confusing to our small intellect. It seems that by passing all the rules of equation and logic, one can be called the two and the two do not even have a conflict of money.
We have questions about what Daisen Saheb said about Vedanta’s ethics.
Daisen said, there is a moral necessity of reproduction, reproduction, and awakening. That is, the inevitable provision of birth and eternal unity in order to carry punishments and punishments of sins. Karma will be in fruit.
But there is no meaning of the inevitability of monism in religion. Where there is no one, there is no reason to be ‘dead’.
Quoting from Shankaracharya’s Self-Sacrificing book, it has been shown beforehand that action is produced from senses and unconsciousness is unknown. An inexhaustible substance called angnatable is called an ineffective substance called action, which has caused our body, and as a result of this ineffective substance, we are reincarnating again and suffer from the physical body. Let us consider it as a rule to say no harm to religion. First, what we mean by unconsciousness, we do not know and can not even know, because it is ineffective. (But that is why it is difficult to name the person as unconscious, because a word is expressed in that word.) Secondly, it is impossible to tell what it means to do the work, because we do not have the independent entity to understand the action. Eventually, the bodies of the corpse were born from some of the other nondescript qualities. Speaking of all this and what the first creation of the body can not tell, and if anybody could say

We could not understand it, but it is also a very short and straightforward statement.
According to the above logic, Vedanta does not show any reason for our physical senses, nor do we see any reason for suffering. Whereas, an ineffective substance called action is called the cause of our suffering, and it is not known to tell us the reasons for suffering.
This debate has arisen in the book Brahmasutra written by Vedasbya.
Bedabas says, “I do not believe in office.” That is, it is not possible to say that there was no division of action prior to creation, because the action and the creation of the creation as anecdotal. Such as seeds and trees The cause of seed and tree and the cause of trees is therefore not available in any given time.
It is understood from this, the result of action and the result of creation is not yet finished. It seems to me that what I mean by the words of action in the words of the English force also means – that means something that we do not understand properly, but the intentions of an intelligent picture come to our mind, but we can not match it when we look at it.
However, as I have seen, and in the Vedanta text, it can be found in the last days that there is no question of why we have come. We’re done – we’re just gonna be there. And it is only because of suffering – so why do not I have any kind of suffering. Therefore, ‘dead’ or any other ‘nessacity’ can not be seen at this point.
Speculation about liberationism is that, when the unconscious is unknown it is infinite. No one can be imagined as long as he is there. Because, according to Vedanta, I belong to everyone and all of me, as long as there is unconsciousness, the unconscious is bound by me. It is like trying to violate your shadow.
Why Brahma created the world, then Brahma Sutras said, the man Lilakibalong. Such as in the locale
The sons of the kings, etc., by taking various forms, the world is also like the Brahma lilamata. According to this, the world can not be released without the will of the world, by which he wishes. That means, if he wishes, or if he resolves, his worldly life can be manifested as far away as his purity, therefore, there is no meaning for the release of any person except the bill of the whole world. Because, even if it is his will and not being a person, he will remain as a lil until he has the will and the individual remains in the world.
On the other hand, Daisen, in his thesis, has shown in the section titled Nature Theology: First, that according to the unity of Kant, space and causality are not our religion of religion, external religion. Therefore, the object that we see in the object, is the composition of our intellect. According to Professor Ms Sopenhauer, the will and the spirit of Vedantam are said to be the real nature of the object, which is the true nature of the object which is left out of the imposition of this intellect. This is the absoluteness of the non-separatist ‘Will’ substance, the nirma-selflessness of matter is pure-that is, there is no sin, there is no sorrow, no existence exists.
This sinless, unhappy, wantless leader has an infatuation of the beginning of a sin – (in no particular time, even today, by the end of eternity, even before eternity) this will presents itself as the soul of the soul.

We quote the original language-
Now there was formed-not at any time but before all eternity, today and forever, like an unexplicable clouding of the clearness of the heavens, in the pure, painless, and will-less bliss of denial a morbid propensity, a sinful bent : The affirmation of the will to life In it and with this is the myriad host of all the sins and eoes of which this immeasurable world is the revealer
Humanity is asking questions about how it was created? Why is the origin of sadness? Shankaracharya and Dosain are answering – There is an unconditional shadow in the form of an inexhaustible substance, that is why the sadness is created. Its simple meaning is, it does not know anything about creation, what is the cause of creation and what is the sorrow and sin. And according to Vedanta, freedom from this unconscious unconscious is neither released nor anybody’s release or release of it can be clearly stated.
Buddhist nihilists do not mean anything. They do not even acknowledge that the world is getting enlightened. According to them, there is no universe in Brahma, neither I nor you, nor did their argument have been shown by translating ‘Sadhana’ a while ago. Whatever is inherent can not be destroyed forever, tell him the truth and tell him, so if you accept him once, liberation can not be accepted. But the atheists do not mean anything to them, all things are easy for them. If there is nothing to say, then you prove that by doing so, you prove it. Then they sat to prove that they did not prove it. If I say, if there is nothing, why do you cover the liberation-he says when I am not, then I am not saying that it can be. If you do not accept anything then it is easy to stress the body. But whenever one can accept it, it can not be proved to be impossible for two to prove and if the two accept it, then none of them is able to say one to one.
If you ask me, what do you say? I do not know anything in the beginning, I know only that, the love that is in my heart is loving kindness, it wants eternal truth – even in my desire, I get eternal happiness – that is my fulfillment, whichever way I live. He is my Brahma, my salvation in him.


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